Patented Variable Pan GeometryTM Lumber Stacker Systems

Features Overview

VPGTM Feature List

Feature Benefits of the VPGTM System

The VPGTM Stacker System Delivers World-Class Features
Gillingham-Best, Inc. specializes in automatic stick placing stackers. Over 90% of GBI's business is in this one product line. The management and engineering teams have over 50 years of combined experience in the design, production, and installation of these stackers.

The VPGTM system provides a sawmill owner the highest ROI of any stacker system on the market. The features include:
  • Single man operation with high efficiency.
  • Excess stacking capacity for future production expansion.
  • Rugged design that requires minimal maintenance with no scheduled PM.
  • Perfect sticker alignment even with bowed boards.
  • Maximized stick life. Mill sets stick discard standards, rather than the machinery.
  • No costly annual service contract required.
  • Quote includes all start up and training expense. No hidden "end of the job" costs.
  • Simplified electrical installation with remote I/O panels, VFDs, and MMI screen connected via eithernet
VPGTM Feature List
Carriage (Forks)
Overstroke to reach package area 4" min.
Fork tip lift at beginning of stroke 3". Direct cylinder lift. Rack and pinion not needed.
Motor powered by VFD, Allen-Bradley.
Electronic brake resistor.
Fork tip rollers, Tuff cast plastic with ball bearings, greaseable, double flange for guidance.
Forks bolted to cross tube, shim to align, unbolt to replace.
Overhead Lumber/Stick Rake-Off
Double cross tube w/overhead 8" pipe equalizer.
Leaf chain connection to lift cylinder
PLC monitors position before cycle.
Targets rid on individual rollers.
Front Lumber Stops
Moves down at beginning of each cycle.
Adjusted for course width using 3 position switch on console.
Continuous positioning.
Overhead Lumber Pinch
Hydraulically moves down at beginning of each cycle.
Adjusted for lumber thickness or bow using 3 position switch on console.
Continuous height positioning.
Cold Weather Provisions
Three hydraulic bleed valves provided for critical timing circuits. Thermostatically controlled.
Stick System
Reduced hydraulic pressure to raise sticker pans. Prevents damage in a jam.
PLC monitors pan pick up cycle. Alerts operator to failure. Reverses command.
Sticker cycle starts when forks start.
Sticker is raised when forks are at the home position.
Stick travels directly into the pan.
Tong style feeder gives (4) stickers/rev.
Tong feeder powered from stick distribution drive using VFD with dynamic brake.
End evening door at entrance to unscrambler, cylinder driven.
Kick-off for doubled sticker in the unscrambler.
Advance varies with length of lumber.
Sticker distribution chain lug spaces are all the same.
Any lug can be set to the timing marks.
Sticker travels in front of the lug.
Width of pick up pan is 3 times the width of the sticker.
Pick up pan raises sticker 2".
Eithernet cables from PLC to all pre wired centers.
Console uses combination of PB, switches, and MMI screen.
All cycle conditions monitored and displayed.
Stacker set-up and timing adjustments done through MMI screen.

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